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IAS is short for Intensive Agriculture Solutions and as the name implies the company supplies products and services to the intensive farming communities. Although we are based in South Africa, we are capable of serving not only all our regions locally, but also the entire African continent and further abroad.

Our customers include large commercial farms, nurseries, development projects and even high-end garden enthusiasts.

Our philosophy in the commercial industries is to “add value and not cost” to our clients’ businesses. We have a range of products and yet we evaluate each customer’s needs and strive to achieve the most suitable solution on a case by case basis.


We love what we do & we do it with passion! Below are some of our top solutions we provide here at ISA:

Multispan Tunnels

Multispan is a multi-purpose greenhouse structure with vertical sides and interconnected gutters which can be used for a variety of crops. Due to the high roof, it is easier to control the temperature.


Introductory training to establish grower potential . In depth training on specific crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, butter nuts, leafy veg, brassica, marrows, amongst others )


IAS uses only the best technical grades of agricultural shade-nets. Whether used for wind-breaks, UV and IR filtering or hail protection we match the correct weave, shade and colour to the crop and climate.

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